Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Training Week 2 - Wednesday

my ipod nano

Yesterday was bike day. Had an awesome bike ride.

I was supposed to go biking for 30 - 45 minutes, with 1 - 2 periods of med-high strain. I decided to time it using my oh-so-pretty iPod Nano, in it's new Belkin sport strap. Then I used Google Earth to figure out the distances.

Below are the results:

Segment Clock time Time elapsed Distance covered (miles) Avg. Speed (miles per minute) Avg. Speed (miles per hour)
Start - Lincoln Way at 9th Ave 19:50:00        
Get to beach through Route 1 - JFK Dr at Great Hwy 20:02:00 0:12:00 3.73 0.31 18.65
Return through Route 1 20:20:00 0:18:00 3.73 0.21 12.43
Get to beach through Route 2 - Lincoln Way at Great Hwy 20:30:00 0:10:00 2.75 0.28 16.50
Return through Route 2 20:43:00 0:13:00 2.75 0.21 12.69
Get home - Lawton St at 10th Ave 20:53:00 0:10:00 0.63 0.06 3.78

So what's the pattern?

I start off with more energy maybe? Possibly, but it's more of a downhill vs. uphill story. The high speed segment are all downhill... which makes sense, since I am going from slightly above sea-level to actual sea-level.

Today is swim day. I need to practice all the drills. It's not going to be great.

ggpark for bike ride 2

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