Sunday, August 12, 2007

Training Week 10 - Sunday - Bricks

Biking and running was the order of the weekend. Both days.

On Saturday, went up north to do a 36 miles bike ride, and then a 15 minute run... just to get our legs used to running after biking.

On Sunday, went up to Crissy Field and did a Bike + Run with a partner. One person started running, the other took off on the bike. Then the person on the bike would dump the bike on the side of the road and start running. The second person would get on the bike once he/she got to it, and then take off, pass the first person and dump the bike again on the side of the road. Repeat. Until you did 4 loops of a section of the field in front of Sports Basement (see map below).

Each loop was ~1.4 miles. So, total distance was about 5.5 miles. Wow, that's almost the 6 miles I am supposed to do a month from now in the actual tri.

Next weekend is our practice tri, and the first time I will be in open water (having missed all of our previous open water practices). It will be a Sprint distance tri. I'm really looking forward to it.

Crissy Field Brik

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