Thursday, July 05, 2007

Training Week 5 - Thursday - Vacation training routine

I am off to London this Friday, for a 3 week vacation. Hurray! Since I won't be doing the regular training while traveling, I asked the Team in Training head coach for what I can do to not fall behind. I am about average in my group for biking, and definitely bottom third in run and swim. So she gave me this routine:


If you can get to a pool and you only have 30 minutes, do these drills:

  1. One arm swimming - With one arm straight out in front of you, swim with one arm only, turning you body on the side so the lead arm is under your head. Recover, breathe, reach out and start over again.  
  2. Catch up - Similar to above, but when your swimming arm touches the water in front of your head, leave that arm out straight and pull with the other arm.  In other words, alternate arms pulling but don't start the pull until the recovering arm touches the water in front of your head.  Think long body whenver your arm is outstretched.
  3. 6 kick and stroke - like we've done in the pool at workouts.  Alternate lengths drill/swim on all drill sets.


You can do this every other day if you have the opportunity.  Run about 30 minutes to start, alternating run/walk, for example 9 minutes run, 1 minute walk.  Concentrate on short quick steps to reduce the stress on your legs and feet.  Build up by 5 minute increments each week so that your endurance gradually increases.

138507Now I just need to practice it :)

Also, today at the team run, I was given a red cape for showing team spirit. Yay!

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