Sunday, May 20, 2007

Getting started for the triathlon kickoff (T -14 days)

After many weeks of not doing anything, I finally started getting ready for the triathlon. The kickoff is on June 2nd (hence the T -14 days on the title), and the actual triathlon is September 9th (which is T -113 days).

So, what has been done:

  1. Set up fundraising site:
    • Crop image using Gimp
    • Upload image to Flickr to embed on page
    • Create step-by-step guide using Powerpoint, and embed on page using SlideAware
    • Put link to page in my Gmail signature
  2. Decide to get in shape by getting a membership to 24 Hour Fitness
  3. Go on a bike ride, but stop and watch the Bay to Breakers crowd

Next steps:

  1. Send out emails to tell everyone about it
  2. ... and ask for donations

But it's getting late right now. Will tackle that tomorrow.


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