Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Week of 2005.10.17

So things are really rumbling at oDesk (www.odesk.com)

We launched an Online Community (community.odesk.com) which is getting more traffic that we anticipated. Alex Carter is doing a lot of stuff on it, but it seems like it needs almost a full-time person dedicated to it.

Advertising is kicking my ass. We are spending more, a) on a CPC basis and b) on a budget basis. That is the industry trend, and I am still pissed I did not buy Google stock when this started to happen (Google shares went up 10-15% on this quarter's earnings)

We are overhauling our website with the help of Radiopuffin, a creative firm. The new site (still http://www.odesk.com) would be completely kick ass!! If we can make it happen, I would be immensely peased! And since I am incharge of the project, I guess I better get to work rather than writing this stuff.

Our Alexa rating continues to rise, but we need it to rise faster. With the new website, and the start of viral marketing, the hope is to exponentially increase our traffic rank, etc.

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