Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Our apartment in the Broderick, Detroit

We just got the keys to our new apartment in Detroit. It's in the Broderick Tower (their own website:, which is a newly renovated high rise, right next to the Tigers stadium, the Opera, and lots of downtown attractions.

Here are a few pictures of the new place. No stuff in it yet :)

Click on the images to open up the full image:

  • When you enter the apartment: 
  • When you walk across to the other side: 
  • From the end of the kitchen: 
  • From the lounge: 
  • From the lounge 2: 
  • From the lounge 3: 
  • The bathroom: 
  • And washing machine: 
  • View of the stadium: 
  • View of downtown: 
  • View of downtown 2: 
  • View of downtown 3: 

Will update once we have a few things moved in :)


Reza Mohsin said...

Very nice, Abidoo. I like it.

Reza Mohsin said...

Hello Abidoo :)

I like the apartment. Hope to visit soon.


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